You Want to Hang That Where??

One of the advantages of the new-build open concept homes of the last decade or so are the huge windows. My dad even once joked that our home builder should open a window cleaning business on the side and he’d always be in business. If I had to name a downside to all of the lovely, daylight-flooding windows, it would be the lack of wall space. I love artwork, more so, personal artwork and hanging meaningful photographs. It’s one of the things that make a house feel like a home.

Therefore, I feel like it’s OK to be creative with your art and photo hanging. One place most people don’t think about for artwork is in the kitchen. I think it’s lovely to lean a piece of art against the backsplash, away from the cooking area, if possible. Another advantage to this type of casual artwork is that it’s very easy to change up. No nail holes to fill and always an opportunity for a little decor inspiration in a room in which you likely spend a lot of family time.

Another of my favourite spots to hang a little art is in the bathroom. Not on the walls, however, I’m talking about the mirror. This is an especially effective plan if you’ve got one of those wall to wall builder mirrors. It’s a cool, little way to customize the mirror and to add some interest. I hung this piece with some double-sided tape. It’s something fun to look at in the morning and it breaks up the vast expanse of mirror.

Finally, I’ve taken advantage of the space around the door frame leading into my Home Office. We have fairly high ceilings on the main floor and I felt that this space was wasted. I want you to note that some of the ‘artwork’ included in this layout is very inexpensive. In fact, they are photos from magazines that I like and that inspire me. They could be photographs you’ve taken yourself, such as landscapes and architecture. They could be interesting images that are readily available, such as city and subway maps, or anything else you enjoy looking at.

I would always suggest being creative in your home and in your decor selections. Your art and it’s placement are no exception!