Planning Your Outdoor Space

A successful outdoor space starts from the same place as a successful interior – a carefully considered floor plan. If you’re not sure where to begin, it’s always fun to browse the bookstore for a few landscape magazines to get an idea of your style and the look you’re after.

Once you’ve clipped a few pages, decide on how you want the space to function and think about dividing the space into zones. I think you should consider room for at least entertaining, dining, relaxing and a spot for the kids. You don’t need a ginormous backyard to achieve this, you just have to be clever about the style of hardscapes you use and the furniture you buy to complete the look.

The advice I’d like to give when determining a layout is to try not to jam all of the seating areas up against the back of the house. Use the room you have and create walkways to the lounging and entertaining area. Even if it’s not a long walk, it feels better if you’ve got some perspective and are sitting at least a little way away form your back door. This will also ensure a beautiful view from inside your house. Think about what part of the backyard you’re looking at from your Great Room or Kitchen. You don’t want to look out the windows straight into your garden shed.

After you’ve decided on the general layout and the hard work has been done, it’s time to consider plantings. My best advice is to be honest with yourself in terms of maintenance. Sure, everyone would love a lush garden but what’s your commitment like when you have to dig up bulbs before the first frost. Not for me, thank you very much! Think about these things and do your research.

Our summer is relatively short, but a fun-filled trip to Puerto Backyarda every weekend is totally possible. Enjoy your outdoor space and give it as much decor love as the inside of your home.