The Holidays – 2013

Considering we are already well into November, I thought I’d share some of the holiday decor trends I’ve noticed for this year. I have just finished the Junior League’s Holiday House Tour in the Hamilton-Burlington area and I noticed a few elements repeated over and over:

Bright and Colourful

Even as you’re out and about, you’ll notice a lot of bright and saturated colours making an appearance in the form of ornaments, wreaths and even artificial trees. This is an excellent way to add some fun colours that you likely couldn’t live with all year round. After all, the holidays are a great time of year to go that little bit over the top.

These decorations (from target. com) would be such a fun addition if you’re thinking of being bright and colourful this year!

12CT_60MM_BRIGHTS_ORN  Noel_Joy_Tree_Ornaments Shatterproof_Ornament_WreathMerry_and_bright_Candle





Rustic and Natural

I went to a lot of different retailers to look for holiday decor and I saw a lot of birch, burlap and woodland creatures, actually. It is such a warm look and, for the first time in a long time, illustrates a really masculine holiday look. This look really elicits a cosy, rustic, winter feeling that you can carry throughout the entire season as opposed to just over the holidays. It really makes your decorating efforts that much more worthwhile. Here are some items that really show off this look (from and are really on trend.

Vintage and Glam

This is more of a classic holiday look, with the absence of a lot of colour, and is so luxe and elegant. If you want to update your holiday look with just a few items this season, make sure they are mercury glass. It is neither gold, nor silver, which makes it a perfect complement to your decor and you don’t have to stress about matching metals. As an aside, I would never advise you stress about matching metals. Now, back to the gorgeous vintage and glam holiday decor available this
year. (from

Whatever theme you choose to decorate with this year, and even if you don’t choose a specific theme, but use all of the beautiful, sentimental things you’ve acquired over the years, I hope you are able to take the time to enjoy adding some holiday fun to your decor!